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For order placement and general queries, get in touch:
For order placement and general queries, get in touch:

Pet Hair Remover

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Cleaning up after fur that your pet shed need not take so much of your time and energy. We have just the most effective fur and lint remover set to offer you! Unlike basic fur and lint removers, this set that comes with a two-sided brush attracts more animal hair in a single swiping cycle with its highly dense polyester finish than, much more efficient than one-sided removers. The ergonomically-designed ABS plastic handle also adds to that effortless yet still efficient cleaning experience. 

You’ll have no more worries of constantly collecting back the fur that scattered out from the brush with the cleaning base included in the set. Just insert the fur or lint-filled tool and pull out a fur-free brush that requires no more washing. The cleaning base has a removable cap that allows you to empty out your fur-filled cleaning base to the trash bin.

Lastly, no need to deprive yourself of some cuddles with your pet before going out with our travel-size brush. Leave your clothes spotless even when you’re on the go!

Shorten cleaning time and save yourself and your pet some more time to bond with our fur and lint remover set!

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