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For order placement and general queries, get in touch:
For order placement and general queries, get in touch:

Orange - Carrot Pet Fruit Bed

Let your pets enjoy the pulpy comfy feel of these fruit-dressed beds. Available in super interesting designs featured as cute Avocados, Carrots, Watermelons, and Peaches, these tempting cotton nests come with super-dense polyester fiber filling and restful design. The material used is pet-friendly and doesn’t get damaged or torn easily as your pets get playful and naughty with these!
This is one of the newest and finest additions in our collection of pet bed supplies that include doughnut beds, comfy beds, pet crown beds, teepee beds, and pet cave beds. It is perfectly cushioned for smooth movement and snugly feel for your pet. The non-sticky material and non-slip granules get your pets the needed stability and prevents them from slinking while keeping them from any kind of skin trouble or irritation. Making it a lot inviting for them to sink in there for long.
It is easy to store and wash. You can set it dry much quickly than it seems. The inner pad can be easily removed and cleaned to get you an easy time maintaining the bed.
Fruitbeds come in a range of color options. Get these in interesting duos and textural shades featuring fascinating fruity themes. You can have fruit shaped dog beds or fruit cat beds in variety of single and dual combination shades like pink-green, yellow-green, white-brown, whole pink, whole green, and more. The unique design makes them popular as beds for dogs and cats. The fluff and the attraction of these fruit pet beds keep pets glued and nuzzled into it all day long.

Put the fruit designed pet bed anywhere in the porch area or in the living room or around your bed. Gets the same gorgeous sight anywhere it sits adding to the vibrance and liveliness of the space making you a really cool pet parent.
Be assured of the quality when you buy paw pet beds with us. All our cat and dog beds are vet-approved and are good for your pet’s skin and health. Pet-friendly design and restful composition make the little furries curl up and snuggle inside the bed at their ease. As you get your fruit cat bed and fruit dog bed in different sizes for your pet to accommodate and find his space in it easily.
Fruitbeds make a purrfect leisure-time companion and a great resting pad for your pet. Something that’s going to be your pet’s next favorite personal space utility!