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Electric Pet Nail Trimmer

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Eliminate your pet’s fear of nail trimmers with our USB electric pet nail grinder. Shorten nail trimming time and maintain your pet’s calmness with our nail grinder that runs at low 2.5 watts power, low noise and vibration at only 50 decibels, and yet fast 7,500 rotations per minute.

The electric pet nail grinder comes with three opening options you can use according to the width of your pet’s nails—cap with a small opening, half-opened cap, or no cap. You may refer to the pictures attached. The powerful grinding wheel is made of emery, a combination of durable minerals, which is guaranteed to grind even the thickest of pet nails at an efficient speed and is resistant to corrosion. It wouldn’t be too long until your pet has a fresh and newly trimmed set of nails. 

The tool is equipped with a 600mA nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery that is USB-chargeable; you can charge it on-the-go through your car’s charging port, power bank, or any mobile device. It takes only 3 hours to fully charge and lasts for 3 hours of wireless use. It is also made of an Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) shell making it resistant to shock and will surely last you for years. The body is 12.3 centimeters long, cap off, with a 3-centimeter width, you will have no trouble handling it with one hand and your pet’s paw on the other.

Keep it clean when not in use by simply brushing off the dirt around the head of the grinder and placing the plastic cover thereafter.

Minimize the stress and potential injury for the both of you and your pet. Let him/her fully enjoy walking or running around any surface free of any feeling of discomfort with our electric pet nail grinder!

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