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For order placement and general queries, get in touch:
For order placement and general queries, get in touch:

Pooper Scooper Outdoor

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You take the day off and finally spend some leisure time with your pet and take it outdoors for a walk and yet somehow you are still stressed because you won’t know when it will take its next dump. Having to pick it up with a plastic bag is already so inconvenient just thinking about it, what more when it actually happens? 

We have the perfect tool for you! We elevated your cleaning experience with our pooper scooper. By simply pulling the lever designed with grooves that perfectly fit your four fingers for an excellent grip, the two-way scoop opens up and upon release precisely captures the dirt you want to pick up. 

Forget having to crouch all the way down and directly use your hands to pick dirt. With the pooper scooper’s 28-centimeter handle, you can clean up just slightly leaning forward while holding your pet’s leash on the other hand.

Grip the lever to open the scoop again and release the dirt into the appropriate disposal area. The tool is also very easy to clean with its plastic material. Simply wash it with soap and water and it’ll be ready for its next use. Think of how much you’ll save the planet too since the tool is reusable versus plastic bags.

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