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For order placement and general queries, get in touch:
For order placement and general queries, get in touch:

Pet Drinking Water Dispenser

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The Only Water Dispenser Pets Love ❤️

Spare your pets from the burden of tilting their head way low just to rehydrate themselves. Unlike conventional drinking pet bowls, our LED drinking water fountain is designed to a height that is comfortably within your cat or even your small dog’s reach.

Rehydrate your Pets 24/7, Ideal for Sharing

It features 360-degree multi-directional streams that come out of a pretty flower spout which attracts your pets to drink more water. The fountain’s wide tray and 2.4-liter water volume capacity allows for unlimited water breaks and even sharing with multiple pets.

At night, your pets can still easily spot the drinking water fountain with its integrated blue LED light. Make your pet’s drinking habit even more enjoyable with varying water flow modes: gentle water (without the flower spout), free-fall stream, and bubbling top.

Completely Safe for Pets -- Guaranteed! 

To ensure your pet’s health, the fountain is made of food-grade material, Bisphenol A (BPA)-free PP resin. The drinking tray is made of hygienic and dishwasher-safe 304 stainless steel, although we provide an option with a plastic tray.

The item also comes with one filter chip composed of a cotton layer, activated carbon, and ion exchange resin for a triple filtration system that can keep water clean by capturing lint and other debris. The continuous water circulation ensures fresh and oxygen-rich water quality like those found in a natural spring.

Easy to Operate With Built-in Safety Features

The gadget is chargeable using a 1.8-meter cable via a 110 voltage outlet and can run at low, 2 watts of power. The fountain’s pump runs at 1.5 watts, ultra quiet (below 40 decibels), and can run even for a week; keep your pet hydrated even when you’re away from home. The pump also comes with a sensor which enables it to automatically turn off when water level is low. You can check the water level from time to time through the water level window placed on the side of the gadget.

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