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How to Choose the Right Dog Bed

How to Choose the Right Dog Bed?

A dog can sleep at least 14 hours a day; thus, it’s important to find your pet a comfy bed. After a much-needed play session, your pooch may like to relax, maybe beside you, or demand a place of his own. Either way, you must offer your pet a perfect nap time or make him indulge in sound sleep.

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Here’s how you can select the right dog bed for your li’l buddy.

Choose the right shape

Does your dog like to sprawl a lot? Does he like to sleep in a curled-up position? Or, is he happy to sleep in any position possible? Observe your pet’s sleeping positions as it can help you choose the right bed shape. You can explore a variety of comfy, calming dog beds in round, oval, square, and flat shapes. However, it’s best if you know exactly what your pooch will consider as comfortable. If your dog likes to nap in a Lion’s pose, you may want to buy a flat dog bed. But if you’ve got a small dog breed, it’s best to go for a round-shaped bed as you can see your fur buddy all curled up during winters.

Pick the right size

Once you’ve selected an appropriate bed shape, it’s time to pay attention to the bed size. Your dog should be comfortable lying down on the bed comfortably. Even if your canine likes to stretch out, their bed should offer enough space to do so. For example, if your Shih Tzu is comfortable lying on an oval-shaped bed but experiences space crunch when it comes to stretching his or her legs, it’s understood that a small-size flatbed could be a perfect choice. Similarly, if you’ve got a Labrador Retriever, you can’t rely on square-shaped beds to provide her comfort.

Select the right material

Now that you’ve picked up the right bed size, you must also search for the right material. If your dog chews a lot, you should look for a calming pet bed covered with a canvas-like fabric than choosing beds with foam pieces. You can find a variety of anti-anxiety beds for dogs at any leading pet supplies online store. A dog’s bed should not become a health hazard for your little furry companion.

Look for easy-clean features

Dogs like to roam around anywhere and everywhere. They bring along dust and dirt, and it may become difficult for you to keep a check on their cleanliness all the time. But you can’t ignore it as they may chew dust particles and fall sick. As a pet parent, you’re responsible for your pet's health and wellbeing. Therefore, it’s good to buy a dog bed that is machine washable or has a removable cover. You never know when your pup gets wet playing outside and come home demanding a relaxing time.

Be it at the corner of your sofa or the center of your living room, make sure your dog sleeps well and wakes up energetic.

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