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An Essential Guide to Dog Grooming

An Essential Guide to Dog Grooming

Grooming is an essential part of taking care of your dog, and different breeds have different grooming needs. Having this handy grooming guide by your side can help you keep your dog looking and feeling their best!

Whether you’re a new pet parent or you’ve had your dog for years and just want to learn how to better groom them, we hope that you’ll find this guide helpful!

Dog Grooming


Dogs tend to love playing in dirt! Rolling in dirt can help to cool a dog off on a hot day, and it can also be an instinctual habit they engage in to mask their own scent for hunting—however, a dirty coat isn’t ideal to have all the time. You should bathe your dog about once per month, or more often if they seem particularly dirty. It’s important to be mindful of overbathing, because your dog’s skin is prone to dryness when bathed too often. A bath or two every month is good for them, but bathing too often can deplete their skin of the oils it needs, and cause issues with dry skin, which doesn’t feel good at all for your dog.

When buying a shampoo for your dog, be sure to buy ones designed for dogs—human shampoo may work great for us, but many contain fragrances and other harsh chemicals that can damage a dog’s skin. Did you know a dog’s pH levels differ from those of humans? A dog’s pH tends to be mildly alkaline (around 7-7.5), whereas a human’s tends to be around 5.2-5.5.

When bathing your dog, pay attention to cleaning the paws and coat thoroughly to avoid infection. Make Your Pets Happy offers a wide range of pet grooming essentials that keeps your every need around pet grooming covered!

Hair Grooming

Dog grooming includes trimming and combing your dog’s hair to prevent tangles. If your dog’s coat is matted, this makes them uncomfortable. To avoid discomfort and keep your dog healthy and happy, you should trim their fur regularly. Regularly maintaining your dog’s coat will help prevent having to deal with large mats, which often have to be shaved off instead of combed through. Another point to consider while grooming your dog is the weather conditions and the climate where you are. A Husky will be perfectly comfortable with their winter coat in New York in the winter, but that same dog has different grooming needs in a Florida summer. Keeping your dog’s fur long and combed during the winter season will help keep them warm in the cold months. As it starts to warm up, help your dog by trimming back their winter coat, which can weigh them down and become uncomfortable as it gets warmer.

Nail Clipping

Overgrown nails can irritate your dog and cause physical problems for them. If your dog’s nails are overgrown, they may find it difficult to walk on hard surfaces. You can either call professional pet services for clipping your dog’s nails, or you can try doing it at home! It’s recommended to have your vet show you how to do it before attempting it. There are several different kinds of nail clippers that you can purchase online. Before clipping the nails, you should create a friendly environment so that your dog is comfortable—try giving them treats when presenting the nail clipper to encourage them! Some dogs will sit calmly while you clip their nails, while others may not. Keep your dog’s personality in mind, and keep in mind that your dog may need to get familiar and comfortable with the idea of a nail clipper for several days before they’re ready to have the first nail clipped. Use treats for positive reinforcement.

When you begin, apply pressure to your dog’s paw to push the claw forward, and be sure to only clip the tip—avoid where the nail begins to curve!

Skin Care

A big component of grooming is skincare. It’s vital to understand the basics of skincare before you begin the grooming session. During winters especially, you can keep your dog’s paw moisturized by applying paw balm. Paw balm is a simple and effective way to help prevent damage to your dog’s paw pads, as well as help with repairing dry, cracked paw pads. When looking at your dog’s paws, check to make sure there’s no visible infections from the cracked skin. If your dog is itching, it’s important to examine the cause of the itching (fleas, dry skin, an open sore?), and seek care from your vet if needed. Remember, our dogs can have skin allergies just like we can!

Make Your Pets Happy stocks quality pet grooming products. You can take care of your pet grooming needs with the great selection of pet care essentials available here!

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