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6 Ways to Keep Pets Busy While at Home During the Pandemic

6 Ways to Keep Pets Busy While at Home During the Pandemic

Keeping your pets entertained can be a tiring task! They may want to play outdoors with us while we have to stay inside and work from home, and it’s hard to explain that to them. Because we can’t take them outside or play with them all the time, it’s important to spend some time finding indoor activities for them. If you’re juggling between ideas to keep your pet busy during the pandemic, we have a few fun ideas to keep them entertained!

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1. Food games

To avoid boredom, try turning treats into toys! Hiding treats, food puzzles, and treat dispensing toys around the house is a good way to keep your pet busy! One fun trick is to freeze the treats inside a block of ice and let your pet work to find them.

2. Give your pet a window seat

Set up a comfortable spot for your pet where they can look outside. If you have a floor-length window, consider placing a pet bed by it. If you have a cat, keep in mind that they love perching on high places—placing a cat tree by a window, or a chair for them to sit on will make them happy. Keeping the blinds and curtains open will allow your pets to entertain themselves by watching the birds, squirrels, and cars outside. This way, you can carry on with your daily tasks while your pet stays entertained.
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3. Enjoy a playdate

Take some time out to connect with your pets and hang out together in an open space at home. Bring some interactive toys and puzzles to spend an evening playing with them. Experiment playing with your pet in different ways—it might surprise you how much your pet likes playing a modified game of tag or hide and seek, and how quickly they pick up the rules! For cats, try running behind a corner in your house and wait for them to chase you—this is a game they’ll probably pick up pretty quickly, especially if they already hide behind corners to sneak up on you! After a fun playdate with your pet, give them treats!

4. Teach them some new tricks

Teaching a pet tricks can be difficult, but it’s fun for your pet to learn new things, and this extra time we have at home is a perfect time to spend teaching our pets behavior that we want them to have. With your dog, it may be teaching them to jump off the couch on command, or to sit and stay while you’re preparing their food. For your cat, you can work on training them to not scratch furniture by using positive reinforcement (treats, anyone?) when they scratch their scratching posts and cardboard scratchers! You’d be surprised how little time it takes to show your pet a new trick, or to work on correcting bad behavior. Take it a little at a time—10-15 minutes per day.

5. Teach your pet how to be calm

If your pet experiences anxiety, it’s important to pay attention to stressors. Is there a particular thing that’s causing your pet stress? For both cats and dogs, specially weighted shirts designed for them can help to calm them when something’s making them anxious.

For cats, it’s important that they have a high place that they can “perch” to help them feel safe. When they’re perched somewhere high, they don’t feel threatened by predators. If they don’t have a decent place to perch, consider getting them a nice cat tree, or a couple wall-mounted shelves designed for cats.

For dogs, consider getting a covered dog bed. This helps eliminate exterior stimuli that can be making them anxious, and being in a covered bed makes them feel safe.

If your pet experiences regular anxiety that disrupts their happiness or interferes with your life in a negative way (if they’re keeping you up at night, for instance), talk to your vet about how to help them.

6. Tug of war

How about indulging in some strength game with your pet? Tug of war is one of the most enjoyable games that you can play with your dog, and a lot of cats enjoy a light version of it too!

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