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5 Cute Costume Ideas That Won’t Annoy Your Cat

5 Cute Costume Ideas That Won’t Annoy Your Cat

Dogs don’t mind wandering around in costumes. As for your cat, it could be a task. He may not be amused by fancied cat costumes or may not like it in the least. But that said, there’s a wide range of cat costumes available in the market that are comfy and stylish. You can explore hundreds of options that your cat may enjoy dressing up in. However, the chosen costume should fit perfectly so that your cat is not annoyed wearing it.

cat wearing

Read on to know more about feline-friendly costume ideas that won’t annoy rather amuse your cat.

A Cat Bandana

While a coverable suit may irritate your cat, wearing a bandana may provide style and comfort simultaneously. A cat bandana is a simple costume that could go easy on your cat’s skin. Don’t you wish to see your cat turn into a cowgirl with a checkered, hipster bandana? You can click a lot of photos together, and when your furry friend is tired, you may want to shower him with treats.

A Themed Cat Collar

Finding the right costume for your cat is difficult. How about a festive collar? Be it Valentine’s Day, July 4th, Halloween or Christmas, a festive collar covered in adorable pumpkins or a Christmas theme works wonders. A cat collar can turn out to be a stress-free costume idea that your cat will enjoy wearing. Another great addition can be NFL collars. Make your cat look sporty with your home team’s pet collar!

A Bow Tie

If your cat doesn’t like wearing a collar, a bow tie could be the next best option. It depends on you if you want to see your cat wearing the traditional black bow tie or if you want to experiment with a plaid pattern. Either way, your cat is sure to look dapper. Bow ties come in all sorts of styles and colors. Make sure you buy a bow tie that complements the coat. In any case, let your cat become comfortable wearing it.

A Cat Cape

Make your cat look royal with a minimalist cape costume! It lets your cat turn into a crime-fighting hero, and you would be amused seeing your cat wear a cape that is worth the effort on taking the pic. Most cat cape costumes come with a hook and loop that makes it easy for you to get off, to get her a loo break maybe, from the superhero stint.

Try a Prop

If you’re in no mood to let your cat wear a costume, but you want to have funny pictures together, a prop could be the right thing to choose. Keeping your cat comfortable is your priority, even when taking a photo. You can make a backdrop with some fabric to click that mood you’ve been trying to capture. With props, your task becomes easy.

Your cat may express his discomfort via body language, and you have to pay attention to the part where it is causing him inconvenience. Check for signs – are the ears swiveling back? Is the tail thrashing? If so, it is better to take the costume off.

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